The strategy of development of Kazatomprom JSC NAC for 2015-2025

In 2015, the strategy of development of Kazatomprom JSC NAC for 2015-2025 was updated. The following strategic objectives were defined according to the expectations of the only shareholder of Kazatomprom JSC NAC.

Increasing cost of Kazatomprom three times and changing EVA

As a result of the implementation of comprehensive development measures, strategic and ongoing transformation programs are planned to improve the working efficiency of Kazatomprom, and to increase the economic value (EVA) of the company to over KZT 32 billion tenge by 2025.

Saving the leading position of Kazatomprom in the extraction of natural uranium, and achieving a leading position in the sale of uranium

Kazatomprom JSC NAC has been the world leader in the extraction of uranium since 2009, ensuring around 20% of the global market demand of today. To save its position, the company will replenish its resource base of uranium, optimize all types of costs, and implement the advanced technologies directed to increase the efficiency of extraction of uranium and decrease the cost value of finished goods on a regular basis. Kazatomprom will also improve its marketing policy and tactics in the natural uranium market.

Diversification in all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle and the creation of high-tech industries

Within the diversification of business in all stages of the pre-reaction nuclear fuel cycle, the company will produce uranium products with high added value, creating more opportunities for long-term delivery of Kazakhstan uranium to the world market, in the form of nuclear fuel (uranium hexafluoride, including enriched uranium), and by the rendering of services on the conversion, enrichment and fabrication of nuclear fuel for the NPP.

Increase in the qualification levels of personnel, business process automation and reengineering

Much attention is paid to the development and improvement of the personnel policy. The company has created all necessary conditions to attract, maintain and facilitate the professional growth of employees. Due to the grants of Kazatomprom, talented graduates will be invited for training in profile specialties. The implementation of a system of professional performance assessment is planned during staff recruitment and for the appointment of senior positions.