The purposes of the transformation program carried out by Kazatomprom JSC NAC are the achievement of maximum long-term shareholder value of the company, profitability and financial stability.

For the past several years, Kazatomprom JSC NAC carries out activities for the transformation of following six directions:

  • Improving the efficiency system;
  • Improving the corporate structure and corporate processes;
  • Innovation and investment initiatives;
  • Technical and technological transformation;
  • Transformation of information processes;
  • Improving the personnel policy.

The transformation program already highly ranks the company, together with the advanced international uranium mining companies, on technical and technological equipment.

Operational transformation, initiated in 2014 by the Fund Samruk-Kazyna, is the necessary component without which the achievement of these goals would not be swift, convenient or transparent.

The transformation allows the company to gather, describe and organise company processes and its interaction with the state and the relationships between divisions, in order to compile an Information Technology audit which consolidates the data into a single reference document.

In the first stage of transformation, immediately after establishing the current position, the company creates a future model, planning which processes and which technologies are "tied" to them, and most importantly, who will perform them – which personnel in the company.