Our Strategy

Kazatomprom is the global leader in the production of natural uranium, and operator for uranium, rare metals and nuclear fuel. Amongst the company’s key highlights are:

  • Largest uranium producer globally operating the world’s largest uranium reserve base
  • Low cost and highly scalable production driven by use of the cost-efficient in situ recovery (ISR) mining method
  • Strong environmental record and adherence to the principles of Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility;
  • A workforce with decades of experience in the mining and processing of uranium across the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle (NFC).

Our Core Business is the mining and processing of uranium and associated natural resources including rare metals and rare earth elements.

Our History

We have achieved significant milestones
over our 20-year history:

  • In 1997, when Kazatomprom was established, it produced less than 900 tons of uranium (tU). By 2010 Kazatomprom was producing about 10,000 tU making it the largest uranium mining company in the world with 19 % of global production.
  • Kazatomprom expanded its activities across the front-end NFC including enrichment, UO2 powder/fuel pellet production and soon the production of fuel assemblies.
  • Outside of the nuclear fuel cycle, Kazatomprom has developed its capabilities in the processing of rare metals and rare earth elements, as well as a number of R&D initiatives reflected in the intellectual property, patents and leading technologies.

Our Mission

To sustainably develop our uranium deposits and their value chain components in order to create long-term value for all our stakeholders

Our Vision

To be the Partner of Choice for the global nuclear fuel industry

Our Strategic Focus

  • Refocus on core business
  • Optimise mining, processing and sales volumes based on market conditions
  • Create value through enhanced sales & marketing capabilities/channels
  • Implement best-practice business processes
  • Develop industry leader corporate culture