Kazatomprom JSC NAC

Registration address:
10 Kunaev str., 010000
Astana Republic of Kazakhstan.

Address for correspondence:
17/12 E10 str. Z05T1X3
Astana Republic of Kazakhstan

Office of Document Support Department
Tel.: + 7 /7172/ 45 81 01 (Re. correspondence)
Fax: + 7 /7172/ 45 81 02
e-mail: nacatkazatomprom.kz

Investor Relations Directorate
Tel.: + 7 /7172/ 45 81 80
e-mail: iratkazatomprom.kz

PR Department
Tel: +7 /7172/ 45 80 63
E-mail: pratkazatomprom.kz

Protocol Department
E-mail: protocolatkazatomprom.kz

HR Department
E-mail: hratkazatomprom.kz

Hot-line “NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC


  Served by an independent company "Deloitte"

The company has approved and put into place operational rules for the review of reports in Kazatomprom JSC NAC, the aim of which is to create a basis for increasing the transparency of the group by giving opportunities to employees, as well as third parties, to report cases of violations of norms of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan or internal normative documents of the company and/or subsidiaries and affiliates of the company.