Natural uranium production

Currently, Kazatomprom includes 13 uranium mining enterprises, including 3 enterprises that provide uranium mining and processing services, with 21 operating mines in the Turkestan, Kyzylorda and Akmola regions.

Natural Uranium mining regions

Natural uranium mining carries out by the most advanced, environmentally safe and cost-effective way - in-situ recovery method, without raising the ore to the surface.

In the mines of  Kazatomprom, centralized management system is used, through which the entire production process is under continuous monitoring and ensures maximum safety.

At the present time Kazatomprom is the global leader in market of the extraction of natural uranium. At the end of 2016 extraction volume by organizations of Kazatomprom is at 13,1 thousands tones of uranium.

Dynamics of uranium mining

The buyers of Kazakh uranium are China, USA, EU countries, South Korea, Japan, India, Brazil.