The Ombudsman is appointed by decision of the Board of Directors and is re-elected every two years. The Ombudsman submits for consideration the relevant authorities and officials of the Company, and their systematic problems, which requires appropriate solutions (integrated measures). He puts forward constructive suggestions for solving them.

Interested parties may anonymously inform the Ombudsman about illegal and unethical actions of officials and employees of the Company, and their rights should not be infringed in such cases.

Ombudsman annually makes a report on the appeals on corporate ethics, which is sent in the prescribed manner for submission to the Board of Directors, not later than the first day of the second month of the following year.

The Board of Directors evaluates the results of the Ombudsman's activities and decide on the extension or termination of the powers of the person, who is holding the post of Ombudsman.

Workplace, and work conditions of Ombudsmen are determined by the decision of Management Board.

Reports about violations in the group of enterprises of “NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC

The company has approved and operational Rules on the procedure of review of reports in “NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC, aim of which is to create basis for increasing transparency of the Company’s and its’ subsidiaries and affiliates activities by giving opportunity to employees of the Company and its’ subsidiaries and affiliates as well as third parties to report cases of violations of norms of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan or internal normative documents of the Company and/or subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company.

To submit applications (reports, complaints) the following communication channels are provided in the Company:

  • postal address - send information by mail to the address: 010000, Astana, Kunaev st., 10, addressed directly to the Head of Internal Audit Service and/or the Ombudsman marked "CONFIDENTIAL";
  • e-mail - send information in the form of e-mails to the address: «»;
  • telephone - call the Company's telephone line +7 (7172) 45-81-45.

Only Head of the Internal Audit Service and the Ombudsman of the Company have access to the above communication channels.

Company’s Rules on the procedure of review of reports can be found below.