Occupational, environmental, industrial and radiation safety

Top priorities of JSC NAC Kazatompromthe activity - are occupational, environmental, industrial, nuclear and radiation safety at production facilities of nuclear sector.

Occupational and industrial safety

On an ongoing basis, Company enterprises develop and implement comprehensive organizational, technical and sanitary measures to ensure occupational safety and health at work.

Kazatomprom holds a unique position among other mining companies, producing the whole volume of uranium using ISR technology.

This allows the Company to demonstrate outstanding results in the field of occupational safety and health. Kazatomprom demonstrates the best LTIFR among the companies in the mining industry.

The work is aligned to ensure safe work conditions and reduce accident injury rates in the workplace.

Kazatomprom pays special attention to ensure industrial, nuclear and radiation safety.



Company's subsidiaries have implemented (with the further certification) environmental management systems that comply with the international standard ISO 14001, and occupational health and safety management systems in accordance with the international standard OHSAS 18001.

All workers in production are provided with personal protective equipment and safety devices in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The initial, pre-shift and periodic medical examinations of employees are conducted on a regular basis.

Radiation safety

Kazatomprom pays special attention to ensuring nuclear and radiation safety. Company's enterprises carry out the production activities complying with all the requirements for nuclear and radiation safety, under the permanent control of state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and IAEA.

The company constantly works to improve security measures at the facilities.

Daily monitoring

The facilities monitor the level of radiation exposure on a daily basis.

The measures taken allow to maintain a high level of nuclear and radiation safety at the  enterprises.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection in Kazatomprom is ensured through the compliance with all requirements of national legislation and international commitments.

Company's main tasks are preservation, rational use and reproduction of natural resources, as well as environmental friendliness.

As part of environmental safety, the enterprises work on improvement of waste management and radiation control, reconstruction of treatment facilities, monitoring the state of the environment, introduction of new approaches in the environmental management system.

A distinctive feature of the Company's production activities is the minimal impact on the environment. Technological processes of extraction of uranium, beryllium, tantalum and niobium allow to maximally limit their hit in the environment. At Kazatomprom enterprises, uranium is extracted using in-situ recovery method, which is environmentally friendly and a safe way to develop the field.