Robust Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) track record

Kazatomprom is committed to best HSE practices and will continue making this a matter of paramount focus for the management team going forward. The Group strives to be an employer of choice in Kazakhstan, and ensure that its mines are a completely safe working environment and are further not inflicting damage to the Kazakh ecosystem.



Kazatomprom has adopted an ISO-14001-based environment management system and OHSAS-18001-compliant health and safety management systems, and continues to promote HSE compliance awareness, as well as an open and transparent approach to all aspects of HSE matters, across its employees and managers at all levels.

The Group is continuously focussed on reducing workplace accidents in its operations.

With the continuously increasing consolidated occupational health and safety expenses, the Group employs various practices designed to improve workplace safety, such as regular medical examinations, behavioural audit and lock out tag out (LoTo) physical restraint of hazardous energy sources.

Supporting the International Social Security Association (ISSA)’s initiative of improving industrial safety, health and well-being, the Group joined the Vision Zero international program thereby confirming its intention to reach zero injuries through adherence to the seven “golden rules” promulgated by the program.

The personnel average radiation exposure is of the level of 0.80 mSV, one of the lowest reported by companies of the uranium sector.

ISR technology is considered by the IAEA to have environmental and safety advantages as compared to conventional mining and milling, and the Group believes its ISR extraction method to be the least environmentally impactful technology. This, among other things, is demonstrated by the absence of any major environmental accidents in the Group’s operations since inception. Uranium mines operated by the Group have robust monitoring systems over radiation protection.

In addition, the Group has developed a set of key environmental KPIs which it will seek to achieve, including waste generation volumes, emissions and waste dumping.