Scientific activity

Over 500 employees are engaged in research, design and development activities of the Company and its subsidiary and affiliated companies, including 8 doctors of science and 54 candidates of science. There is a Research and Design Institute (IHT LLP) under the Company, and research and production subdivisions of its affiliated companies (Central Research and Development Laboratory under Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC (UMP); Central Experimental and Methodological Expedition under Volkovgeology JSC).

Kazatomprom and subsidiaries are patent owners and co-owners of over 300 protection documents on developed technologies and equipment. With regard to this indicator it ranks 1st in the Republic among industrial enterprises. To maintain global competitiveness, the Company developed the "Science and Technology Management" Policy, according to which scientific research is coordinated by four research centers on the following priority areas:

1) Geology, geotechnology and mining-development works - on the basis of Volkovgeology JSC;

2) Production and processing of productive solutions, associated extraction of REM - on the basis of Institute of High Technologies LLP;

3) NFC high technologies, extraction and processing of RM - on the basis of Central Research and Development Laboratory under UMP JSC;

4) Knowledge management, commercialization of intellectual property, general coordination of scientific and technical activities - on the basis of Science Coordination Department of Kazatomprom.

In 2017, the following was implemented:

• A mobile complex for processing productive uranium solutions with a capacity of 150 tons of uranium per year was put into operation for pilot development of Zhalpak field. The use of the mobile complex allowed reducing capital expenditures for experimental operation and production costs by 15%. The mobile uranium-mining complex was created by the Company's specialists and is protected by innovative patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

• A mobile unit for chemical treatment of the filter part of wells and performing repair and renewal operations (RRO) was developed and implemented. The mobile unit will provide safe conditions for pumping, preparing and supplying various kinds of chemical solutions of reagents – decolmatants - directly into the filter part of process wells, reducing their costs (cost of RRO accordingly) due to target use of reagents, and its uniqueness and mobility will increase the number of wells being processed per day and increase the effectiveness of the RRO.

• To expand the range of products on the basis of produced unique rare metals at UMP JSC, research activities were conducted and pilot batches of new competitive and high-tech products on a global scale were received: - medical implants from tantalum and tantalum-containing alloys; - powders of rare metals and their alloys, intended for additive (3D) technologies (consumables for 3D-printing); - superconducting wire for the production of magnetic resonance tomographs.