The first results of the Transformation

Whole year


In the first year of the Transformation, the Company increased its net income to 108 billion KZT, which is more than two and a half times higher as compared to 2015.

Kazatomprom revised its business processes, approved a new organizational structure, established a trading company “TH Kazakatom AG” to strengthen the marketing functions, and strengthened effective cooperation with partners. In particular, Kazatomprom started construction of a plant for production of fuel for Chinese nuclear power plants.

Important agreements were signed with foreign partners:

– The Company agreed with Cameco on restructuration of LLC “JV “Inkai” and increase of the share of Kazatomprom in the Joint Venture from 40% to 60% in 2018;

– An agreement with CGNPC on the purchase of Kazakhstani fuel pellets to Chinese nuclear power plants until 2024.

– An agreement with NAEC “Energoatom” on the supply of enriched uranium products to the Ukrainian NPPs.

The Company outsourced 20 non-core businesses with the aim of increasing the value of Kazatomprom.

In the framework of a pilot project, the Company launched the “Digital Mine” system at the mining company LLP “Kazatomprom SaUran”. Due to introduction of this system, the equipment diagnosis period was reduced from 14 to 2 days, electricity, the consumption of materials and reagents was reduced by ten percent, the time of low-productivity wells was reduced by three times