Uranium business is a key strategic activity for Kazatomprom JSC.

Kazatomprom is

  • The leading uranium producer in the world with ~20% of global production
  • Industry leading operations with strong HSE1 track record
  • Largest uranium reserves with priority access to a world class reserve base
  • Low cost and highly scalable production underpinned by the ISR technology
  • Experienced management team and board committed to highest standards of corporate governance
  • Strong long term uranium fundamentals

Today, Kazatomprom is presented in the nuclear fuel cycle in the following segments:

  • Production of natural uranium;
  • Production of uranium oxide;
  • Uranium enrichment and production of nuclear fuel components (uranium dioxide powders and fuel pellets of uranium dioxide).

Fuel assemblies production (fuel assemblies for nuclear power plants) to start at the end of 2020.

In addition to the main activities, Kazatomprom operates in related high-tech industries. Company has developed its capabilities in the processing of rare metals and rare earth elements, as well as a number of R&D initiatives reflected in the intellectual property, patents and leading technologies.