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The Transformation Program initiated in year 2014 by Samruk-Kazyna JSC is a vital component helping the Fund’s group of companies to achieve their aims in a prompt, convenient and transparent way.

Kazatomprom joined the Transformation Program on «the second wave» in 2015.

Transformation of NAC Kazatomprom JSC and its subsidiaries is taking place step by step: change of the org chart, new operational model, disposal of assets decreasing the Company’s value, new procurement model, new remuneration system and new IT solutions under special projects. In future, constant improvements will be a corporate standard.

The transformation consisted of four stages:

Stage 0 February – August, 2015

Preparation: composing and building of a transformation team, drafting and approval of basic documents, establishment of the Business Modernization and Transformation Committee.

Stage 1 September – May, 2016

Diagnostics and design: making a list of persons concerned and finding the ways of communication, making a list of areas for transformation, study of values chains, drawing of high levels processes map, business principles development, drafting a matrix of controls and risks, KPI tree, priority of automation and etc.

Stage 2 June – July, 2016

Planning: making a list of initiatives, business cases preparations, development and approval of transformation projects portfolio.

Stage 3 August, 2016 till present

Implementation: start and implementation of projects according to the approved Projects Portfolio and Roadmap.

Company’s benefits from Transformation

The Company will be state-of-the-art, dynamic and competitive. It will focus on business areas which have a high potential for value creation, will raise labour productivity and dispose assets and projects that decrease the Company’s value. Improving the energy performance, optimizing the production technology, applying R&D results, developing their own processing capacities, using the best HR management practices, launching the processes of automation, subsidiaries of NAC Kazatomprom JSC will be able to enhance their financial and operational performances and achieve the level of their world’s analogues.

Employees’ benefits from Transformation

The Transformation Program focuses not just on business processes and technologies, but also on the way of thinking and behavior of employees at all levels, starting from top managers of the Company and subsidiaries. Transformation is a possibility to upgrade skills, pass training, get a unique experience in the world class companies and achieve one’s potential. The Company will take care that the staff gets new skills in compliance with the changing aims. Transformation will open new opportunities to all employees.


  1. Increasing transparency
  2. Increasing efficiency
  3. Increasing manageability
  4. Improving Corporate Culture
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