Corporate management

The priority objective of the corporate governance of Kazatomprom JSC NAC is to increase the long-term value of the company by building an efficient and transparent business, and to maintain reliable and effective relations with shareholders and investors.

The National Atomic Company is committed to high standards of corporate governance, based on the basic principles of honesty, transparency and accountability; the compliance of which enables the implementation of a modern corporate culture model of ethical norms and values, as well as being committed to the high investment attractiveness of the company.

Corporate Governance

The structure of Kazatomprom JSC NAC clearly defines the division of power within the company. The highest governance body of Kazatomprom is the Sole Shareholder - Samruk-Kazyna JSC. The implementation of the interests and protection of rights of the Sole Shareholder and the company provides the Board of Directors, which has overall responsibility for the company's operations. The Executive Body of Kazatomprom JSC NAC is the Management Board, headed by the Chairman of the Board. The Management Board manages the company's current activities.

The Internal Audit Service was established by the company and is directly subordinated and accountable to the Board of Directors of Kazatomprom JSC NAC. The Internal Audit Service provides the Board of Directors with independent and objective information, designed to ensure the effective management of Kazatomprom JSC NAC, by bringing a systematic approach to the improvement of risk management, internal control and corporate governance.

The Internal Audit Service oversees the Internal Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of Kazatomprom JSC NAC. The Corporate Secretary operating in Kazatomprom coordinates the work of the corporate structure, and provides effective interaction between the shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Management Board of Kazatomprom JSC


The rating of Kazatomprom was 78%, according to the results of diagnostics of corporate governance conducted by PwC in 2015.

Compliance with the principles of business ethics and optimal regulation of disputes on the violation of provisions of the Code of Ethics of Kazatomprom JSC NAC, is assigned to the Institute of Ombudsman. The role of the Ombudsman is to advise applied officers and employees under the provisions of the Code, the initiation of dispute resolution on the violation of the provisions of the Code, and to participate in employee settlement, as well as working within the principles of business ethics of company employees.

In order to improve the corporate governance system of Kazatomprom JSC NAC, in 2010, a Risk Management System (RMS) was implemented. Risk management is carried out on the basis of internal documents approved by the Kazatomprom JSC NAC RMS, and in accordance with the regulations for risk management of National Welfare Fund Samruk-Kazyna JSC. The rating of Kazatomprom JSC NAC was 78% according to the results of diagnostics of corporate governance conducted by PwC in 2015.