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Kazatomprom Takes Part in the World Nuclear Association Symposium

15 September 2021
Kazatomprom Takes Part in the World Nuclear Association Symposium

The Chief Commercial Officer of NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC Askar Batyrbaev was invited by the World Nuclear Association (WNA) to participate as a speaker at the annual Symposium, which took place online September 8-10, 2021.

The event was attended by more than 250 industry experts from more than 30 countries. The Symposium highlighted the importance of preserving the existing global nuclear power plant fleet, while also working to further advance the use of nuclear technology in order to achieve the UN carbon-reduction and climate goals.  

Kazatomprom's presentation discussed recent developments in the uranium market, including the 2020 supply-side disruptions that were required to protect personnel at Kazakhstani mines and at mines all over the world, which exposed the "fragility" of the near-term market. At a time when demand for uranium is growing, both from utilities and from financial institutions, the impact has been particularly noticeable. As noted in the presentation delivered by Mr. Batyrbayev, potential uranium supply is not guaranteed, and there remains a risk that there may not be enough material available to satisfy all existing global demand in the mid- to long-term.

Kazatomprom’s presentation, along with those delivered by the other nuclear experts in attendance at the Symposium, have been summarized and reflected in various industry news publications, including UxC, TradeTech, World Nuclear News, and others. A replay of the full event is now available until 31 October 2021 at https://www.wna-symposium.org/ (paid registration).

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