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Our business

Kazatomprom operates through its subsidiaries, JVs and Associates, 26 deposits grouped into 14 asset clusters, all of which are located in Kazakhstan

Mineral resource base of Kazakhstan

The in-situ recovery (ISR) uranium extraction method was first used in 1960s and accounted for 50% of global uranium production in 2017.

The benefits of ISR over conventional mining methods include lower cost of extraction, smaller environmental footprint and better health and safety performance.

Dynamics of uranium mining

Kazatomprom is the undisputed leader in ISR uranium extraction significantly outperforming its main competitors with the production of 21.2 thousand tonnes in 2022 (on 100% basis) and 11.4 thousand tonnes on an attributable basis (22% of the global uranium mining in 2022)

The favorable geological conditions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, suitable for mining through the ISR method, provide Kazatomprom with a unique competitive advantage.

  • 100% of KAP’s production is carried out via ISR extraction of uranium.

A method of in-situ recovery

The Group’s experience in ISR technology and technical innovation has enabled it to achieve commercial production at ISR mines within approximately 18 months of commencing construction, whereas the Company believes that the average construction period for an ISR mine globally is approximately three years.

All of the processes for uranium mining are automated and continuously monitored by the Group, and technical equipment at the Group’s mines meets all applicable international safety and environmental standards, such as OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

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