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About us

Kazatomprom is the world’s largest producer of natural uranium with priority access to one of the world’s largest resource bases. Kazatomprom shares began trading on the Astana International Exchange and the London Stock Exchange in November 2018.

Subsidiaries, affiliated and other companies
of global uranium production in 2023

The Company enjoys the status as Kazakhstan’s national operator for the export and import of uranium and its compounds, nuclear power plant fuel, special equipment and technologies. This status allows the Group to benefit from certain privileges, including, among other things, obtaining subsoil use agreements through direct negotiation with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan which effectively grants Kazatomprom priority access to the high-quality in-situ recovery (“ISR”)-conducive deposits of natural uranium, which are abundant in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Group benefits from the largest reserve base in the industry, with attributable uranium reserves of just under 300 ktU.  

All of the Group’s uranium deposits are suitable for the cost-efficient and least environmentally impactful “ISR” mining method, which combined with a long-life mining asset base allow Kazatomprom to remain among the leading and the lowest cost uranium producers globally.

Kazatomprom has transitioned to a market-centric production and sales strategy shifting away from a focus on volume, to a focus on value.

A method of in-situ recovery

Kazatomprom is led by a strong and experienced management team with sound governance practices and a proven track-record of effectively running production operations.

The Board of Directors includes three highly regarded independent directors with extensive international experience in the uranium and broader nuclear industry.

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