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Rare metals

Rare metals (RM) and their compounds have a unique set of physical and chemical properties, and are widely used in instrument making, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, nuclear energy and medicine.

Tantalum - niobium and beryllium production at the Ulba Metallurgical Plant is among the largest in the world.

Tantalum-Niobium production

Tantalum-Niobium production at the Ulba Metallurgical Plant.

It is the only producer in the CIS and one of the world's largest enterprises with a complete production cycle from processing of tantalum-niobium-containing raw material to the finished products. Share of TP in the global tantalum market is about 12%. The basis of the food basket for the metal are sprayed target, tantalum ingots and chips.

Originally, tantalum was used for the manufacture of wire for incandescent lamps. However, due to its unique properties including ductility, strength, corrosion resistance, heat-resistance, high coefficient of heat transfer and the ability to "get along" with the living tissue of the body, the metal is used in electronics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, nuclear power, metallurgy and medicine.

12% Share of TP in the global tantalum market.

There is a production of corrosion-resistant equipment for chemical industry, parts of electronic tubes, electrical capacitors for semiconductor devices, the dye in the production of synthetic fibers, glassware, crucibles for melting metals and alloys, high-temperature furnaces heaters and heat exchangers for nuclear energy systems. In surgery the tantalum metal is used for bonding bones, nerves, and sutures.

Tantalum products

  • tantalum ingots of 3N2, 3N5, 3N7, 4N and 4N5 purities, manufactured by double and triple electron-beam melting;
  • Chips;
  • Tantalum flat and round bars;
  • Powders of tantalum capacitors;
  • Materials for condensers
  • Ingots TaY. Products from TaY
  • Ingots TaW. Products from TaW
  • tantalum ingots of 4N5 purity, produced by vacuum arc remelting

Beryllium production

Beryllium is produced at the Ulba Metallurgical Plant. This is one of three companies in the world with full production cycle from ore concentrate processing to finished product. It is also the world's largest supplier of primary series of beryllium and alloys based on it.

Flowsheet, developed at the enterprise, allows the company to process almost any type of beryllium-containing material.

Unique technology at the enterprise allows it to produce a wide range of products based on beryllium and its alloys. Plants and gas-static hydrostatic compression provides the products with isotropic properties.

700-800°C Beryllium alloys, being 1.5 times lighter than aluminum, are more solid than many specialty steels. They retain strength at temperatures of 700-800 degrees Celsius.

Structural materials based on beryllium have strength, corrosion resistance and resistance to high temperatures. Beryllium alloys, being 1.5 times lighter than aluminum, are more solid than many specialty steels. They retain strength at temperature of 700-800 degrees Celsius. Beryllium is used in various industries including electronics, automotive, oil and gas, nuclear energy, medicine and aerospace. 

Beryllium products:

  • Beryllium-metal ingots;
  • aluminum-beryllium master alloys,
  • copper-beryllium master alloys,
  • nikelberyllium ligatures;
  • beryllium oxide - powder;
  • articles of beryllium oxide;
  • metal beryllium - powder;
  • Product and harvesting of cemented beryllium.

Niobium products:

  • Niobium ingots
  • Chips
  • Niobium flat rolled products
  • Bars, wire
  • Niobium powders
  • NbTi ingots. Products from NbTi
  • NbZr ingots. Products from NbZr
  • Niobium pentoxide
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