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About us

Board of Directors
Internal audit service
Corporate secretary’s service
Compliance service
Ombudsman service
Chair of the Executive Board (CEO)
Management secretariat
Chief Operations Officer-Mining
Managing Director for Operations
Mining Department
Production Department
Managing Director for Geological Exploration and Development of RM and REM
Geological Exploration and Subsoil Use Department
Science, RM and REM Department
Chief Commercial Officer
Managing Director for Sales
Sales Department
Marketing Department
Sales Support Department
Representative Office in (Bethesda)
Chief Financial Officer
Managing Director for Taxes and Revision
Taxes Department
Revision and Control Department
Managing Director on Economics and Planning
Economic Analysis Department
Economics and Planning Department
Financial Controller
Accounting and Reporting Department
Treasury Department
Corporate Finance Department
Chief Strategy and International Development Officer
Strategic and Sustainable Development Department
Summary and Analytics Department
International Cooperation Department
IR Department
Risk Management Department
Chief Procurement and General Affairs Officer
Procurement Department
IT Departament
Chief of the Administration Staff
PR Departament
Administrative Department
Chief Legal Support and Corporate Governance Officer
Managing Director for Legal Affairs
Legal Department
GR Department
Corporate Governance Department
Managing Director for HR and HSE
HSE Department
HR Department
Social Work Department
Managing Director for NFC
NFC Department
Nuclear Technologies and RW Department
Managing Director for Security
Security Department
Information Security Department
Natural Uranium and Nuclear Materials Accounting and Control Department
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