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Press release Kazatomprom supplies 5,000 tU to India

8 July 2015
Press release Kazatomprom supplies 5,000 tU to India

On the 8th of July, 2015, in Astana, within the framework of the official visit of the Prime Minister of the Republic of India Narenda Modi to the Republic of Kazakhstan, NAC Kazatomprom JSC and Department of Atomic Energy of India signed an agreement for supply of Kazakhstan uranium to India.

In the presence of N.Nazarbayev, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Narenda Modi, the Prime Minister of India, Askar Zhumagaliyev, the CEO of NAC Kazatomprom JSC, and Anil Shrivastava, the Director of DAE’s Directorate of Purchase and Stores, indorsed the document by signatures.

This contract will be effective within the period from 2015 to 2019. During five years the national atomic company will supply India with 5 thousand ton of natural uranium. The Contract provides for a market pricing mechanism. 

Kazakhstan is the main uranium supplier of India. Bilateral cooperation in the field of nuclear energy peaceful use was started in 2009. Within the framework of the official visit of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to India the parties agreed on the supply of natural uranium. In 2011-2014 the contract for uranium supply had been in effect between NAC Kazatomprom JSC and Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) and it was completed in December of 2014.  

Kazatomprom is the national operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan for export of uranium and its compounds, rare metals, nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants, special purpose equipment, technologies and double-use materials. The main activities of the company are: geological exploration, uranium production, manufacture of nuclear fuel cycle products, reactor construction, nuclear power plants, production of construction materials, the electric energy sector, science, social security and personnel training. Kazatomprom is an active participant of the renewable energy development program in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today Kazatomprom has more than 27,000 employees and is amongst the leading uranium producing companies in the world.


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