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Recognition of achievements: Kazatomprom awarded the best production workers

3 October
Recognition of achievements: Kazatomprom awarded the best production workers

The results of the annual competition “Zhyl Kyzmetkeri-2023” (Worker of the year-2023) among production workers of Kazatomprom’s subsidiaries were summed up in Astana. The heads and employees of the enterprises of the nuclear holding took part in the festive ceremony.

This year, 200 employees were recommended by Kazatomprom’s subsidiaries to participate in the competition. 25 finalists were awarded the Zhyl Kyzmetkeri Award in the categories "Professional", "Mentor" and "Perspective".

At the opening of the event, the CEO of Kazatomprom, Meirzhan Yussupov made a welcoming speech with warm wishes:

“It is a great honor for me to attend this wonderful event, which celebrates not only the achievements and hard work of our colleagues, but also the excellent coherence and successful development of our company. Your dedicated service and commitment to excellent results make Kazatomprom a world leader of the uranium industry. I sincerely thank each of you for your perseverance, talent and professionalism."

In the “Mentor” nomination, 2 employees of the nuclear holding company who have worked in the industry for more than 10 years became finalists.

In the “Perspective” nomination, 2 employees under 30 years of age who showed excellent performance with a short work experience (no more than 3 years) won.

21 employees of the nuclear industry with more than 3 years of experience were awarded in the “Professional” nomination. Special attention was paid to their skills, competence and dedication to their work.

“My work is of exceptional importance, and I am proud to contribute to the success of the national nuclear company. I heartily congratulate my esteemed colleagues on this professional holiday! Together we are doing great things, and I am sure that our future joint work will continue to bring positive results,” said Rinat Sadikov, Deputy Head of the Construction and Repair Service of Karatau LLP, one of the winners in the “Professional” nomination.

“I am happy to share that I became the winner in the “Perspective” nomination of the “Zhyl Kyzmetkeri-2023” contest. I have been working in the Kazatomprom system for two years, and this is an important step forward for me. I will try not to disappoint my mentors and will continue to develop professionally," said Dana Seilkhanova, chemical analysis laboratory assistant at Semizbay-U LLP.

 “Zhyl Kyzmetkeri” is traditionally timed to the professional holiday – the Day of Workers of the Nuclear industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan - and is aimed at recognizing the merits of the best workers, strengthening non-financial motivation of labor, as well as increasing the prestige of working specialties.

The competition commission evaluated the participants according to the following criteria: work experience, performance of production indicators, compliance with health, safety and environmental protection requirements, availability of proposals for improving the work of the subdivision and the enterprise, participation in various projects and competitions, initiative, compliance with corporate values and much more.

All the winners of the contest were awarded statuettes, diplomas and personalized souvenirs.

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