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28 October 2019

Today, the media has reported that the Kazakh authorities intercepted an illegal attempt to sell over 240 kilograms of a radioactive substance in the Kyzylorda region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to preliminary information from the authorities, perpetrators illegally acquired the radioactive substance from a vanadium ore deposit. In the interests of the ongoing pre-trial investigation, further information has not yet been disclosed.

In relation to the publicity around this incident, NAC Kazatomprom JSC (“Kazatomprom” or “the Company”) is conducting additional monitoring of security systems at all of its operations.

It is important to note that Kazatomprom, its subsidiaries and its affiliates are not developing any vanadium deposits; based on the information known at this time, the incident is not related to Kazatomprom. However, the Company is ready to assist the investigating authorities in identifying the origin of the radioactive material, and will provide any additional information to help with the investigation as required.

Public Relations and Internal Communication Department

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