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“Transformation operation” or how atomists laughed at themselves

18 October 2016
“Transformation operation” or how atomists laughed at themselves

In honour of the Day of atomic scientists, “Club of the Funny and Inventive people” (KVN) cup of “Kazatomprom” NAC” JSC was played in Astana. 8 teams of the holding enterprises participated in traditional humour festival: Central office of the company, “UMP” JSC, “MAEK-Kazatomprom” LLP, “Semizbai-U” LLP, “Ortalyk” SB” LLP, “Karatau” LLP, “Kazatomprom-Sauran” LLP and “TTK” LLP.

This year, the theme of KVN is devoted to Kazatomprom Transformation Program implementation, the first stage of which is successfully completed.

“Transformation operation” play was held in a classical format and consisted of 2 competitions. In the first, within the welcoming remark, the participants demonstrated video presentation, acting skills, outstanding humour and inventiveness. In the second, the participants demonstrated excellent vocal and dancing skills, exciting the audience with their artistry, charm and charisma. The teams laughed and joked not only at their colleagues, but also at the management staff of the company. Instead of the reprimand the KVN’s participants received applause and the audience obtained positive energy boost.

Expert jury defined the best humorists. In evaluation, the performance originality and creative approach of participants were taken into account. The main prize – challenge KVN cup of Kazatomprom was obtained by the team with excellent sense of humour - “Karatau” LLP, which shared the first place with the central office of “Kazatomprom” NAC” JSC. The second and the third places were taken by the teams of “TTK” LLP and “Semizbai-U” LLP, which demonstrated sharp and funny jokes. Also, on behalf of the management staff of the national atomic company, all participants of the corporate contest obtained merit certificates and memorable gifts.

Photo report: http://www.kazatomprom.kz/ru/photo

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQlj3eo0vMI


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