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School of young specialists of Kazatomprom: development of “Lean production”

10 July 2017
School of young specialists of Kazatomprom: development of “Lean production”

From June 25th till June 30th, 2017, School of Young Specialists of NAC Kazatomprom JSC took place.  The School was organized by the corporate university of the National Atomic Company - branch of the Kazakhstan Nuclear University Institute of High Technologies LLP.

The main issue of the event was “Lean production” – innovative approach to management and quality management as the most effective, reliable and low-cost way to increase the competitiveness of companies.

Young perspective specialists from fifteen enterprisers took part in School-2017. Many innovators, who presented there innovative projects, were among the participants. Yuriy Demekhov - Managing director for production of NAC Kazatomprom JSC told about competition “The best proposal to reduce the cost of products”, which took place in Company for the first time.

Irina Nikitina, Ph.D., author of 10 inventions, 50 published works, holder of the title "Inventor of the USSR" held the lecture In order to activate the rationalization and inventive movement, as well as to enhance the legal competence of inventors.

The expert spoke about the concepts and provisions in the field of intellectual property, including rationalization proposals, comments on patent legislation, explanations on matters of service inventions, the impact of patenting inventions on innovation processes.

Production-imitation game "Uranium Stream" played the main role in the School program.  In the conditions of time and resources limitation, it was necessary to produce determined quantity of uranium concentrate of a definite quality. Participants of the game have passed all stages of the production process: from drilling to production of the final product. There were "quality circles", were listeners together with the leading specialists of HTI LLC discussed topical issues in the field of mining and processing of uraniferous ore.

On June 29th 2017 the Closing ceremony of the School of Young Specialists-2017 was held, the participants received diplomas and certificates. Following the results of the competition "Effective team" the school cup was awarded to the winner-team "Green Energy", headed by Captain Nadira Mukazhanovoy.

Also, diplomas were awarded to:

  • Azamat Abildayev (Khorosan-U LLP) – in the nomination "Lean Professional";
  • Sergey Kovalev (UMZ JSC) – in the nomination "Proposal generator for improvements
  • Madi Djiyenbekov (Volkovgeology JSC) – in the nomination "For the will to win";
  • Sapar Bektemirov (Baiken-U LLP) – in the nomination «The most creative»;
  • Ainur Zhamankulova (APPAK LLP) and Timofei Boiko (Karatu LLP) – in the nomination «The most responsible»;
  • Beksultan Nurmuratov (SMCC LLP), Aleksandr Shushunov (APPAK LLP), Omirzhan Kalmurzayev (JV Inkai LLP) – in the nomination « The productive implementer»;  
  • Nadira Mukazhanova (NAC Kazatomprom JSC) – in the nomination «The best Captain».

Participants of the School of Young Specialists-2017 noted the high level of organization of the corporate event, its relevance and significance. Young specialists agree that the increase in the efficiency of the company should be achieved by increasing the productivity of domestic resources, optimizing costs, as well as improving the quality of products.

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