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Head of Samruk-Kazyna Fund visited Kazatomprom enterprises

29 August 2023
Head of Samruk-Kazyna Fund visited Kazatomprom enterprises

The Chairman of Samruk-Kazyna Management Board Nurlan Zhakupov, during his working trip to Kyzylorda region, visited the subsidiaries of NAC Kazatomprom JSC (“Kazatomprom” or the “Company”) - Khorasan-U LLP and Baiken-U LLP.

The Head of the Fund got acquainted with the production facilities and the social and living conditions of the workers. The heads of enterprises spoke about implemented and promising projects, plans for the future, measures taken to protect labor and environment and ensure industrial, radiation and nuclear safety, as well as the work being done to improve the social well-being of the regions.

“According to 2022 results, Kazakhstan produces 42% of uranium in the world! Our country is the absolute leader. And this is the great merit of Kazatomprom. It accounts for more than half of the declared production - 22%. The Company and its subsidiaries employ unique specialists. People come to us to learn from our experience from all over the world, since mining at the fields is carried out by one of the most high-tech methods - in-situ leaching. Yes, it is complex, but in the end the most competitive in price. This gives us a great advantage in international markets, which we will develop”, Nurlan Zhakupov said.

Kuanysh Omarbekov, Kazatomprom Chief Operating Officer, noted:

“Kazatomprom is one of the largest taxpayers in the regions where it operates. In 2022, KZT 2.6 billion was allocated to the budgets of the regions for socio-economic and infrastructure development. More than KZT 900 million was allocated for the implementation of social projects, and about KZT 531 million - for financing health care programs. More than KZT 8 billion was allocated for the implementation of labor protection and industrial safety programs. Investments in environmental activities over the past year amounted to more than KZT 1 billion.

Today, the nuclear holding employs over 20,000 people. Since 2010, Kazatomprom has been the world leader in uranium mining, and since 2018, it has ranked first in the world in terms of uranium sales. The Company uses the safest and most environmentally friendly way to develop deposits - the method of in-situ recovery - and has one of the lowest production costs.

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About Kazatomprom

Kazatomprom is the world's largest producer of uranium, with the Company’s attributable production representing approximately 22% of global primary uranium production in 2022. The Group benefits from the largest reserve base in the industry and operates, through its subsidiaries, JVs and Associates, 26 deposits grouped into 14 mining assets. All of the Company’s mining operations are located in Kazakhstan and extract uranium using ISR technology with a focus on maintaining industry-leading health, safety and environmental standards (ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 compliant).

Kazatomprom securities are listed on the London Stock Exchange, Astana International Exchange, and Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. As the national atomic company in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Group's primary customers are operators of nuclear generation capacity, and the principal export markets for the Group's products are China, South and Eastern Asia, Europe and North America. The Group sells uranium and uranium products under long-term contracts, short-term contracts, towards the second shareholders of jointly owned subsidiaries, as well as in the spot market, directly from its headquarters in Astana, Kazakhstan, and through its Switzerland-based trading subsidiary, Trade House KazakAtom AG (THK).

For more information, please see the Company website at www.kazatomprom.kz

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