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Information report on results of Ulba plant activity in labor, environment protection, nuclear, radiation, industrial and fire safety in 2014

24 February 2015
Information report on results of Ulba plant activity in labor, environment protection, nuclear, radiation, industrial and fire safety in 2014

Ulba Metallurgical Plant held meeting related to the issues of labor and environment protection, industrial nuclear, radiation and fire safety in 2014. The meeting was attended by Anatoliy Kuchkovski, the First Vice Chairman of UMP Board – Chief Engineer, Bek-Bulat Eleushov, chief manager of Labor, Safety and Environment Division of NAC Kazatomprom, chiefs of production departments and senior officials dealing with Occupational Safety, Labor and Environment, Radiation security.

Sergei Sidorov, the Director for Industrial Safety, stated that for the purpose to improve labor conditions and labor safety as well as sanitary and curative  measures 118 actions to the amount of KZT 600 million were carried out. Working conditions were improved for more than 1700 employees. Total costs for labor protection amounted to about KZT 1 billion. All workers were provided with protective clothing and other personal protective equipment in accordance with established standards. Expenditure on their acquisition amounted to KZT 201 million.

As a result of comprehensive inspections the experts have found out 295 violations of the rules, norms and instructions on industrial safety and labor protection. Due to security breaches production operations were stopped in 10 cases.

In the Training and Production Center “KEC” LLP 552 executives and experts of Ulba plant received training in the field of safety and labor protection. 

In 2014 more than KZT 2 million was allocated for the improvement of radiation security system.

In 2014 total emissions of pollutants into the air by the units of Ulba plant were 38.6 tons that is equal to 44.1% of the limit set by public authorities.

Surface-water contamination caused by work of the plant was controlled at three outlets of storm sewer into the Ulba river. Gross discharge of pollutants with waste and storm water was reduced in 2014 and as compared to 2013 was 48,1% of the limit set by environmental agencies. This reduction is connected to decrease in the production program of the main production facilities of UMP and commissioning of industrial storm water treatment plants.

In 2014 341 lectures were conducted with the workers employed in the areas of high fire danger under the programs of Fire Safety Basics covering more than three thousand persons. There were  128 checkouts of fire safety conditions in the business subdivisions and subsidiaries. Together with voluntary fire units 9 fire-tactic drills and lectures, 12 emergency trainings were carried out. As a result of the work done in 2014 fire was prevented in the plant.

At the end of the meeting there was awarding of winners of the regular review competition in labor protection. At year-end 2014 the teams of beryllium production, Service center and finished products storage became the best teams.

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