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Adoption of the new Development Strategy of Kazatomprom for the Year 2015-2025

28 August 2015
Adoption of the new Development Strategy of Kazatomprom for the Year 2015-2025

The meeting of the Board of Directors of the National Atomic Company under the chairmanship of the first deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NAC Kazatomprom Mr.Bakytzhan Sagintayev has been held in Astana.  

The Chairman of the Management Board of NAC Kazatomprom Askar Zhumagaliyev presented to the members of the Management Board the Company’s development strategy for the Year 2015-2025.

This document defines the mission, vision and general trends of Kazatomprom’s development for the coming years and outlines strategic goals achievement of which will allow Kazatomprom to improve the efficiency of its operation and increase its cost. The tactical measures necessary for implementation of the tasks set are planned. The implementation of the Strategy will allow Kazatomprom and Kazakhstan to maintain a world leading position in natural uranium production.  For this purpose the Company will develop the existing mines and build new ones, introduce advanced technologies aimed at increase of efficiency and cost reduction of uranium production.

One of the strategic approaches of Kazatomprom is business diversification in all subsequent stages of front-end nuclear fuel cycle. The Company plans to obtain access to the services of conversion, enrichment and fabrication of nuclear fuel for NPPs.

Within the framework of the Development Strategy the Company will improve corporate management system, optimize the business processes, get rid of non-core assets.

High emphasis in the document is placed on the issues of the improvement of personnel policy. The Company will create all conditions for the involvement, retention and professional development of employees. By means of its grants Kazatomprom will engage the talented graduates in specialized professional training. It is planned to have personnel rotation inside the Holding, implement the system for assessment of competencies in recruitment and appointment to executive positions. 

The implementation of the package of measures of the Development Strategy will improve the efficiency of the company and increase the value of Kazatomprom.

Based on the results of the meeting the Development strategy of NAC Kazatomprom for 2015-2025 has been approved and new organization structure of the company’s central staff has been adopted.

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