Press-release opening of 2015 Winter school of JSC «NAC «Kazatomprom»

23 February 2015
Press-release opening of 2015 Winter school of JSC «NAC «Kazatomprom»

Opening of the VIII Winter school for line managers and heads of departments, production workshops, site supervisors of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom” took place on February 23rd in Almatinskaya oblast. This annual corporate event is carried out to strengthen corporate spirit and image of the holding, understanding and implementation of its strategic goals, identifying the significance and the scale of a customary event. It is also reflected in the motto of the Winter school – «Strong and successful enterprises need strong and successful leaders!».

Permanent administrator of the event is corporate university of the national atomic company “Kazakhstan nuclear university” LLP.

2015 Winter school will be held under the title «The workshop of the effective manager: Peculiarities of control over production department in the present context».

 Kazatomprom’s enterprises delegated 66 representatives from 20 enterprises (Central office of JSC «NAC Kazatomprom», JSC «Volkovgeology», «JV «Betpak Dala» LLP,  «RU-6» LLP, «TMCE» LLP, «TTC» LLP, «SKZ-U» LLP, JSC JV «Zarechnoye», «Karatau» LLP, JSC «Akbastau», «Kyzylkum» LLP, «ME «Ortalyk» LLP, «Baiken-U» LLP, «Semizbai-U» LLP, «APPAK» LLP, «Bailanys-NAC» LLP, «Geotechnoservice» LLP, «Astana Solar» LLP) to participate in the Winter school. Participants will be split into teams and compete for the title of the “Winner of 2015 Winter school of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom” and for a challenge cup. Winter school’s program includes radiation risks awareness and radiophobia desk studies, team competition in the contest game of «Homework – «Business card» on a theme: «We are going forward and win!», managerial powers development trainings, sport events with team-building elements.

Special attention in the Winter school program will be given to training on development of managerial skills. Trainers are experienced professionals of the Center of individual and business training “Kokzhiek” under the leadership of its director M.Bekzhanov. Training goals are to give School participants understanding of the peculiarities of  today’s leader managerial activity and its influence on operating efficiency of the production department headed by him; development of skill in creation of a technique to achieve by the department of a complete production result and its implementation in practice; creation and development of skill in creation of healthy psychological environment in the department, ensuring comfortable work of its employees; determination of managerial reserves at the participants and evaluation of their further professional growth course.

On February 27 during closing ceremony of the Winter school, the participants will be awarded certificates, the team-winner – souvenirs and 2015 Winter school cup.

Kazakhstan nuclear university also conducts annually a Summer school which is aimed at advanced training of young and promising nuclear specialists.

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