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Sustainable development

Regional Development

The long-term success of a company's business depends on the maintenance of social and economic stability in its operating regions and in the country as a whole, on mutually beneficial relationships with representatives of the central and local authorities, and on the quality of working and living conditions for its employees.

The Company consistently implements measures aimed at ensuring long-term productive relationships with the regions where it operates, and strengthening its image as a socially responsible business.

1.537 billion KZTKazatomprom allocated in 2020 to the budgets of the regions where it operates, as part of its commitments under subsoil use contracts for socio-economic and infrastructure development

Kazatomprom operates in five regions in Kazakhstan::

  • Turkestan region
  • Kyzylorda region
  • East Kazakhstan region
  • Akmola region
  • Almaty region ​

The Company also has a business presence in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, and Shymkent, where it is a major employer and taxpayer.

Corporate volunteering

An important element of the development of a strong corporate culture is social volunteering, which unites employees and helps to increase the involvement of staff in the formation of a positive internal atmosphere, helping to maintain Kazatomprom's status as a socially responsible Company.

Throughout 2020, Kazatomprom’s employees participated in different public events as part of the Corporate Culture Development Project Roadmap and the Year of Volunteering. Seeking to support employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kazatomprom implemented the Qasyndamyz 2020 programme that offered psychological and physical support to employees:

  • Online breathing and physical exercises for employees and their families
  • Support of a volunteer group of the Company's employees: assistance in finding medicines, providing psychological support
  • Daily survey on the well-being of employees, monitoring of the emotional state, individual consultations with psychologists, etc.
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